TOUR A - MATEP & Harvard (limited to 25 people) - THIS TOUR IS NOW FULL

TOUR B - Kendall Station & Biogen (limited to 53 people)

TOUR C - Harvard & Kendall Station (limited to 53 people) - THIS TOUR IS NOW FULL

TOUR D - Biogen & MATEP (limited to 25 people) - THIS TOUR IS NOW FULL


The Biogen Campus in Cambridge, MA is the U.S. Headquarters to a company that researches, develops and manufactures biopharmaceuticals. The Biogen Cogen Plant includes a 5.4 MW gas turbine, a heat recovery boiler with a capacity of 50,000 PPH, two dual fuel boilers each with a capacity of 50,000 PPH and 1,800-tons of absorption chillers. The plant is the recipient of the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative’s (NECHPI) Project Champion Award for 2013.

Harvard University Blackstone Steam Plant

The Energy and Facilities Group of Harvard University will feature a tour of brand new 7 MW CHP addition being installed and commissioned at Blackstone Station, a vintage 1906 powerhouse on Memorial Drive being retrofitted for microgrid operations.

Cambridge - Veolia Energy Kendall Station

Veolia Energy will provide a tour of their recent $112 million dollar investment to re-power this key generating asset by improving the heat rate, enhancing resiliency and recovering waste energy that was being dumped into Charles River with new piping infrastructure from Cambridge to Boston. This investment fundamentally reinforces the objectives of the EPA Clean Power Plan.

Longwood Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP)

This tour will feature the mission-critical CHP district energy system providing power, district heating and district cooling services to the Harvard-affiliated hospitals in Longwood Medical Area including Dana Farber, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconness & Harvard Medical School. This plant was awarded the EPA CHP Energy Star Award in 2013.



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